Wednesday, May 16, 2012

No one likes Takers

When I talk about Givers and Takers at career sessions these days, it really seems to connect with people.

No one likes a taker.  Takers seem to always want to talk about themselves.  Takers never offer a helping hand.  But, Takers always need your help.  Negativity is often their mood.  Takers do not volunteer to run projects.  Takers always start with "me".  Takers are looking for their next job & the phone number for a hiring manager.  Networking with a Taker is painful.  We all know Takers and as much as we humour them, we don't like them or trust them.  How many career opportunities do you think a Taker gets? 

However, Givers always get back respect and often reap the rewards of positive relationships.  Givers give without a need to get back.  Givers will spend an extra 5 minutes on a project or task just to make sure it helps someone else.  Givers ask more questions than give answers.  Givers will point you in the right direction and share jobs they see with you.  Givers start with "we" and "you".  We love and trust Givers.  How many career opportunities do you think a Giver gets?

Regardless of you current mood or feeling, try giving more and you will feel better!  And you may even be more successful (but remember, that is not why you give)

Career giving ideas include:

- review a colleague's resume
- proofread a friend's cover letter
- when you see a job that looks great but doesn't fit you, think of who it does fit and email it to them
- share great resources, like books and web-sites
- just be positive - you are simply giving good feelings
- listen to someone's story
- tell someone you work with what their greatest strengths are
- on linked-in, recommend a colleague or client
- send an encouraging letter a co-worker
- phone a friend that is laid off and grab some beers with them
- be a great reference for someone
- be genuine & ask them how they are feeling or what they might need
- hug them if they look like they need it

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