Friday, May 18, 2012

Being Human (aka doing some things poorly)

There are things in this world that I really don't like:  Rush (the band), coconut in my dessert, and Motivational Posters.  You know the ones - pictures of soaring birds and quotes about success, acheivement, goals.

I respect Rush but am hard-wired to love 3 minute pop songs with 3-4 verses and a chorus, even better if there are hand-claps and a few la,la,la's.

I understand that coconut is great since I love to eat it straight out of the shell.  I just think of it more as a fruit/nut and don't like it with my sweet, sugary after-dinner treat.

But I am fundamentally opposed to Motivational Posters.  In my view, their sole purpose is to drive people to perfection. Perfection is not human.  I am not perfect, nor am I going to be, nor do I ever want to be.

I believe that once people & organizations embrace our collective true humanity - our strengths, our weakness, our intuition, our emotions, our spirituality - then we can acheive success.  It is not pretty for most of us. 

I still feel angry and hurt when I talk about my office closure.  At the same time, I have never felt more free or successful since the news of my office closure.  Why? - well, I am 200 pounds of nerves and hormones and 40 years of good times and bad times. I am not perfect

Another case in point is my spelling.  Have you noticed that I am a terrible proof-reader? I am so excited to publish my blog and driven to capture my stream-of-thought, that I rarely check my work for grammar and spelling.  Does it make me a failure?  Does it make my advice poor? 

It is just me - full of great ideas with some deficencies.  I am okay with it.  Are you okay with your weakness?    Figure yourself out and really work with who you are.  Sure, work on new skills and polish up those weaknesses.  Even better is to align yourself with complimentary people, people who your strengths help them and their strenghts help you.

So, I would like to thank Kristy who has agreed to come on board my blog and will help edit past & future posts. 

Off to Starbucks for coffee - one of my key weaknesses.......

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  1. You deserve more comments because your posts are great. I'm happy to be the first to comment on this post. I love your writing style. It's honest and unadorned, like some of the best writing. I read your post out loud to my 19-year-old daughter. We both loved the messages you shared in this one. She said it's a message we don't hear often. Bravo Jay.
    ~Jen of Café Jen