Thursday, May 3, 2012

Headhunter hiring secrets (but not mine)

Back a decade, I was in the staffing industry.  Some people call it headhunting, others placement firms.  A challenging time when I really grew as a talent specialist.  A great time to have tonnes of hiring experiences, good, bad, and ugly.

I ran across a great web-site doing some research this week, advertising a book called Headhunter Hiring Secrets by Skip Freeman.  I don't own the book nor have ever read it.  But, he has 21 free articles posted on this page 

I agree with his fundamental point - that if you behave traditionally (see a job on a job board, apply through the job board, wait for a reply), your chances of getting a job are low.  He has tips and tricks how to be more effective.  I think he overstates, exaggerates and is too aggressive but the essence of all the articles is based on recruitment industry truisms.

Here is a great graphic from his article Why Job Boards Often Hurt More Than They Help


  1. Good info. I note that the "3 most effective ways" also require the most personal energy. After learning about how to prepare a resume, followup calls, etc., maybe it's time now to add sesions/courses on how to DO Networking, Direct Mail & Phone Calls.

  2. Good points - I will try to post come networking, direct mail, and phone call tips in future blogs.