Saturday, April 14, 2012

Winning Negotiations

When the job seeker and the employer are ready to make a commitment to each other, then the fun begins - the negotiations.  Most public servants have not developed these skills in these situations since all the conditions of employment are collectively bargained and published, including salaries & benefits. 

Here are some critical behaviours needed to "win" a negotiation:

1.  Plan carefully, do your homework
2.  Be committed to yourself and your position
3.  Understand Human Behaviour
4.  Communicate well
5.  Be creative and flexible
6.  Be patient and persistent
7.  Be self-aware and confident
8.  Know when to stop
9.  Remain Objective
10.  Have a win-win orientation
11.  Enjoy the negotiation
12.  Be aware of tactics

Stress can hijack your mind and lead you into negative negotiation behaviours.  Here is a tip - USE YOUR PCV Valve.

P- pause for 3 seconds
C - control you body including your face, and voice
V - value what they just said by showing understanding. 

I will keep you posted - it is so easy to give out advice or to research what the experts tell you but to actually live and practice all of these good job seeker strategies is not so easy.

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