Thursday, April 26, 2012

Reflect, Engage, Review

I am in a celebratory mood - I have another interview lined-up for later this week & this blog, as of yesterday, has over 1000 hits.  Now that I have hit this milestone , I would like to take the time reflect, engage & review.

REFLECT - Simon Sinek @simonsinek said that we all want people to watch out for our back, stemming from cave people being eaten by sabre tooth tigers.  We long to belong, to have people take care of us. My motivation for this blog is to let you all know that I have your back. You might need advice and some encouragement when facing problems and forced to make decisions (I know I do).  I am happy to share my passion for matching talent with jobs, which I hope can help you not be causality.  Hey, I got your back.

ENGAGE - I have been telling you what I want to so far.  Does anyone have any specific needs?  I would like to start fielding questions and handling specific scenarios.  So send me your ideas and issues to or post them in the comments section.

REVIEW - I have about 15 posts now, on topics such as decision making, career development, networking, job searching, cover letters, resumes, reference checks, and negotiation.  In the coming weeks, I hope to organize them to help you navigate them in a more linear, clear way.  For now though, please take a peek at some past blogs.

Thank-you all and good luck managing your career and finding the right opportunity.

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